IMG_7442[1]IMG_7457[1]IMG_7431[1]IMG_7455[1]IMG_7432[1]After spending two days in Gouda we headed off to Dordrecht. Situated on the river, the free motor home parking was full. We parked in front and hoped the traffic warden didn’t notice us. Parked up, a lovely lady named Anita was passing and got chatting. Having lived in NZ for many years, she invited us for coffee at this fab cafe called Villa Augustus. With beautiful gardens, it produces its own food produce and was a hive of activity with people enjoying the afternoon. Anita told us about the big market on in the centre that day and to go enjoy her lovely city. We walked into town and it was super busy, so much so it was a little hard to get around. Deciding to leave it till today we wandered in along the riverfront. There is a part where three rivers meet, and water taxis can take you to Rotterdam and towards the Kinderdijk windmills. The walk around was beautiful, a lot of the buildings a surprise as you zig zag down the streets. Many lean out and have funky tetris style patterns. A large windmill right down the road, buildings built around it. You can’t miss it. Across from us is a hotel, that we think was an old water tower, though it looks like a lighthouse. It lights up at night and is quite striking. Sitting here watching boats go past on the river. Dog walkers and cyclists everywhere enjoying the sunshine. Jetskis and speedboats racing up the river. A fab spot to visit and only 45 minutes from Belgium. Tomorrow marks a week left on this trip, ticking off the last-minute details and booking appointments for when we are back. Into Belgium tomorrow and country number 12, where has ten and a half months gone………..