IMG_8551[1]IMG_8535[1]IMG_8547[1]The sun is finally shining in Terracina on the coast in Italy. We travelled here, driving  near four hours yesterday. The weather here has been bad we spent two days holed up in the camper at the wine co-op. We met a great young couple from Poland Margarita & Maciej parked up next to us for two days. They were great to exchange info with. They are also travelling long-term in their van.  Working out of it and soon to have a utube channel set up. The german couple on the other side, the husband being taken off in an ambulance to hospital. He still hadn’t returned two days later, so we hope he is ok.  The rain eased yesterday so we decided to travel further, south of Rome. We passed the beautiful Lago di Bracciano high up in the mountains. The roads taking a turn for the worst. We had been told that Tuscany had bad roads, but no Lazio has definitely the most potholes. We drove through Latina and with over a hundred pine trees down due to the storm. It was an eye opener to how bad the weather has been. Arriving in Terracina one of the main streets closed off, debris everywhere. Police guarding each end. A tornado hit here on monday a clear path up that street and into the old town. A restaurant destroyed, roofs missing, and trees down everywhere. We decided to walk up to the Temple of Giove above us on the mountain. The old town blocked off we asked if we could walk up, the guard telling us its dangerous and to be careful. Tiles littered the road, and lots of men queued with bags. Forming a line they passed rubble, sack by sack to each other. Clearing the mess in the old town from the tornado. Affecting so many in the town, so many people out to help. We climbed the winding road up to the temple, the day overcast and showery. The temple of Jupiter Anxur (temple di giove) the views down over Terracina, the surrounding marshlands and ocean. We walked the grounds and through the arches and cryptoporticus. The olive groves weaving in and out of some of the ruined walls. The view worth the hike and €6 entry each. We returned back down, still unable to access into the old town, due to the clean up. Parked up the traffic wardens turned up. Before you could park in the white free and the blue squares paid, now it’s changed and blue pay and you have to park in the blue squares. We swear Italians make up their own traffic rules, no speed limit, overtake and park where ever. So when they told us, we had to pay, we decided to drive, 1hr to a €10 a night aire right on the beach at a restaurant. With electric and  romana (Napoli) pizza ordered we are set for the night. Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius this week. Dad this upcoming week is for you and that book you showed me as a kid. Hope it goes part of the way of you being able to see it……….IMG_8601[1]IMG_8613[1]IMG_8582[1]IMG_8611[1]