IMG_9406[1]IMG_9409[1]IMG_9418[1]IMG_9426[1]IMG_9432[1]Still below Mt Etna in Giardini Naxos, its hard to move on. Content in our routine, even the dogs are chilled. Mt Etna has been putting on a show and you can see her shooting lava up at night. Apparently 5-6 years ago the sosta we are staying in was covered in black stones, the result of a bigger show from Etna. Today we decided to head to Castelmola, after talking to one of our neighbours. It’s an extra 2km north of Taormina, but I had heard they had a relatively unknown attraction. A bar, called Bar Turris filled with, wait for it……nearly everything penis related. Unfortunately  we had left late at about lunchtime and after the 6km walk up to Taormina we were knackered, or at least Jason was. The climb up today easier than the previous route up. It led to some nerve-wracking minutes as a black snake slid of the bank behind me as we were climbing up. I’m yelling snake and Jas is saying where. He was walking in front so I sure it was him and George that scared it our way. If you had seen the way up this mountain, you would laugh its a goat track, with loose gravel and totally wild, hence the snakes. Resting at the top. A couple ask if they can get to the train station that way, we replied yes, but watch your footing. They weren’t there when we returned so they must have survived the landslide part. Another guy was asking us about the restaurant in Italian, to which we replied we don’t speak Italian. He laughed and said I thought you were local with two dogs. He’s brazilian/ american and travelling round whilst he gets Italian citizenship. Interesting guy with loads of get rich quick schemes. At the same time, we don’t really believe to much of what he’s saying. Once in Taormina we headed back towards the tourist office and were stopped twice by people wanting to say hi to the dogs. Onto the Odeon and a two-minute walk around we decided to head back, leaving Castelmola and its male anatomy for another day. 12km is enough for today. Stopping at the train station I  asked if we can take dogs. Yes, but muzzled, have to show pet passport and half price fares. We might just hire a car for a week, and see some sites further out. The dogs gutted they didn’t get a swim today. Yesterday we found a fantastic clear rock pool that both the dogs had a big swim in. George is loving his new-found deeper swim legs. Tomorrow is a day for the beach, whilst we plan what we are going to do over christmas and new year period.