img_0301img_0287img_0283img_0280Saturday we arrived in Alberobello, the world UNESCO site. Parked in an olive grove, the trulli villages 200 metres away, it’s a perfect stop to visit Alberobello. One for my bucket list, it was the one place I wanted to visit on the east coast. We arrived at 2.30pm so took a quick walk into visit the village. Even though its winter it’s still full of tourists. No matter where you look you see trulli. Some with symbols on the roof.


We woke this morning to a chilly start 2 degrees its turning out to be a stunning sunday morning. Church bells started at 7am and have been going off every 15 minutes since. You forget about church bells when you havent heard them for so long. This reminds me of our time with our friends Peter & Lynne. In Croatia and our sleepless night before the Plitvace lakes, dawn chorus definitely had us all awake. This morning we walked through the villages again to get a better view back down over the main trulli village. The first trulli of Alberobello were built with only stone no mortar by peasants back in the 15th century. With only stones the round structure formed by overlapping stones, the domed roofs or half cones could be embellished with decorative pinnacles, said to be the design of the master trullaro who built it.Symbols also adorn some roofs, some mystical some religious. Gifts shops sell mini trulli everything, local produce and restuarants are not far away. Today we head back to the coast and hopefully some free nights after a great stay here.