It’s easy to think pack and save, off you go. This is the easy part. I am a list person and have literally written a book already on the things I┬áhave to do. The upside is that we will be travelling through Europe with a rough plan of where we want to go. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and then more into the Baltic & Scandinavia for summer. From there its see where we are and where we want to go, maybe Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Having traveled to about 30 different countries between us and 5/7 continents. We have never traveled overseas in a motor home together, or with our two dogs. So I’m sure there will be plenty of learning to be done.

We hope to write an informative blog as well as an exciting one, so if anyones planning a trip they may be inspired or just get some useful info. Anyone that knows us knows that, Jas & I love food. So im sure there will be lots of foodie pictures.

We hope you will enjoy the blog, keep following & be inspired…………