Thats it, two weeks today we will be on the eurotunnel to France. Its been an extended countdown, with trying to sort out insurances and getting maintance done on the Hymer.

The dogs are vaccinated and have their own pet passports. I love the fact they can have their own photos, there is no missing our two though. We have got scalibor collars and now just have to get heart worm tablets for the prevention of Southern Europes Leishmaniasis disease.

Ive typed up all the info I need for most of Europe, but now its sitting down and doing a rough plan of where to start in France. Making our way down through Spain to Portugal for Xmas. The books and maps will be out next week, with a few places in each town where we could stay.

We are looking forward to the food abroad, sampling the local cuisine and markets. Google translate at the ready….. here we come 14 days and counting