Yesterday we found the local patisserie, french croissants are my new guilty pleasure. I even managed to order in my emerging french. In the afternoon we walked most of the length of the beach at Equihen – Plage with the dogs discovering old WW2 broken bunkers in the dunes. This morning we were greeted with the  most friendliest cleaner at the showers. ” Bonjour Madam Bonjour”  as she seemed to skip around the place. It’s a lot colder today and we have broken out the gloves, beanies and ski jackets. Jason being the typical kiwi he is, has all that on and is also still wearing shorts, so he is getting a few funny looks. We are currently sat in a free aire in St Romain de Colbosc, near Le Havre. It’s a short walk from the local village. The aire has walkways leading in all directions, so tomorrow we plan to have a wonder. Driving for 3 hours today we maneuvered our first toll road costing about €6.80 and figured out how to use our new revolut bank card. definitely both an experience. After arriving on the aire we set off for town and stumbled on this house that I said would have fit in well at Halloween, before finding the french supermarket Super U. Jason wandered in to buy milk, whilst I waited with the dogs. I need to learn how to say “he jumps” for George as that’s how he loves to greet people and apart from Chien(dog) in french I don’t understand what people are asking when they come up to the dogs. The dogs love it though lots of pats for them. We are planning on heading to Le Mont Saint Michel and visiting the surrounding areas on Monday. I’ve added in a few pictures of the bunkers on the beach and the Halloween house.