What a fab day, full of beautiful blue skies. We are currently parked up in an Aire 3km from Le Mont Saint Michel. We arrived just after 13.00pm today and set up camp. We set off on the 6km return walk to Le Mont Saint Michel. Set out in the ocean we were lucky to avoid the tide and were able to wander onto the island. The outside looks amazing and the inside is a surprise full of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. So we thought it lost a little charm with that. We almost fell over at the price of the most basic room in one hotel at €240 a night that’s 18 nights worth of where we are staying on this aire with electric, water, wi-fi and services. Today we drove through many a small village, each with its own charm and character.We love the stone masonry and brick work of the character housing in each village. I’m loving the french way of life, off in the morning to buy fresh croissants and baguette. Yesterday we went to Lucas boulangerie, to buy fresh bread, the queue went out & down the street when we arrived. Everyone seemed to be buying there, always a good sign of where to eat. Sundays must be a day of rest as the supermarket wasnt open, so we walked to Chateau de Gromesnil, 5 minutes from our free aire and out into surrounding forestry. The days here have been beautiful. Autumn is still in full bloom, full of colour and reasonably warm. Its rained the last two nights but seems to clear in the mornings. Currently im sat here drinking my €1.19 bottle of Rose, which is a third of the price of Jason’s Noir grapes, so guess im winning on that.