Aveiro was one of those places I really wanted to visit, and the sun came out for us today. 15 degrees and with a cool breeze, im happy with that. Built on lagoons and canals Aveiro is known as the Venice of Portugal. Its beautiful art nouveau buildings dot around the narrow side streets and decorate the front of the canal. Our sat nav once again didn’t disappoint taking us to the wrong side of the river down, one way narrow streets and totally missing the carpark. People must freak when they see this Hymer coming towards them as we look like a side-show hanging out the windows to see if we have room either side. Finally parked up under a motorway bridge in a car park that’s free, it’s a two-minute walk to town and an ideal place to visit Aveiro.  We walked around the town only to pick up one of the local dogs who decided it was ok to follow us for the next hour, even after George politely growled at him he only left after we arrived at the place he had found us. We spend most of our money on food and totally over buy at Lidl every week. Our freezer is full and cupboards stocked we forget we go to places that are so cheap to eat out. The fresh fish swimming in the canal made us hungry as we passed a multitude of restaurant’s, only to remember we had pulled chicken out for dinner yesterday so needs to be eaten today.  Our day started with being awoken to the sound of van doors slamming and people rolling what sounded like suitcases. Looking out the window the aire was full of vans and the local market was cranking up for the day. What a market, it sold everything from food to pans, ceramics, furniture, clothing, bedding, curtains, lace, plants, full fish and meat market. After buying Jas a new wallet, me lambswool socks, a door mat, and an apron with the Bracelos Portugal chicken on it. We asked the guy selling leather goods what time people started setting up and he said 4am. Believe me some of these stands had 50 pairs of shoes stacked on multiple boxes, it was impressive the stock they had, and by far the best market i’ve ever seen. It was like everyone shops at the market, parking was filled as soon as someone left continuously for hours. Hoping the weathers ok tomorrow for a ride up the canal in the traditional boats called Barcos Moliceiros, painted with flowers and scantily clad women. Before moving down to the coast for a couple of days.