Still in the Praia de Vaguiera, parked in our spot by the dunes. Campers have been and gone but we are coming up to our 8th day and night on Christmas Eve. That includes two free nights so this week has been cheap at €130 all in. That was until we had a little run in with the low awnings in the car park at Lidl in Vagos. Scrapping the left upper roof and seal we had just repaired before leaving the UK. A can opener springs to mind to describe it. We need to fibreglass repair the breaks in the roof. But it’s currently sealed with roof silicone until we can hopefully get fixed in the Algarve in the New Year. Thank goodness its warm and sunny so hopefully we don’t have to worry about any possible rain getting in. We were fortunate an English guy living local was in the car park at the time and sent us in the right direction of temporary repairs at the hardware store. The aire we are at are fab, we tried communicating with a repairer on the phone but the language barrier was well and truly up, so the guys in the office spoke to them. It’s an hour north and we aren’t sure they can fix it so we will head south and head to a recommended place by the (HOG) HYMER owners group on Facebook. The EU are funding a project in the dunes here as the erosion is high, they are building huge dunes burying large boulders underneath. The foreman is friendly and wished us Merry Christmas with a wave yesterday as they packed up opposite our aire. Didnt think we would stay put so long but its been nice and the weather sunny and warm. So wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and safe travels over the coming days. We will be on the road again soon heading to Obidos……..

PS…. its a dogs life chilling