After a four and half hour drive we have arrived in the most south-west of Portugal… Sagres. Parked up with loads of other campers I can see Sagres Fortress from where I am sitting. Massive in size on a pretty barren landscape of dry dirt and shrubs, I feel like im on the edge of the desert rather than the cliffs of Europe’s most southwestern harbour. We are both tired after the drive, some of the worst we have been on ever. Unfortunately we found all the potholes on the IC4, rattling me to the point I felt nauseous, and then rolling divots in the road from where the trucks have carved up the road. We past the beautiful hill-top town of Aljezur, with its moorish castle, but it was so wet and foggy we carried on. We are finally here on the edge of the Algarve. Our motor home got fixed at a great place of the beaten track yesterday. Four hours the boss man said, eight hours later we left with the paint still a little wet. The guy did a great job, but as it was a little wet and it drizzled last night it’s not perfect but its a 100% better than Jason’s patch up job and cheap. We headed 5 minutes down the road to Moita to stay in a car park for the night. This morning we stopped in on our way and dropped of a box of beer for the boys. This week has been a bit of a hang around to get the motor home fixed, so we hope to be back in Spain early next week. We havent paid anything for accommodation this week so far, so we have finally mastered the park for free or really cheap. Tomorrow we plan to look around the fortress and head to Lagos for some sun. Jason and the dogs are snoozing, so I’m gonna chill with a glass of wine and watch everyone walking up to the Fortress.