We celebrated the New Year with one of the best firework displays ever. The baia de Setubal had two displays one over Setubal and one over the peninsula, and both facing us. 15 minutes of continuous display and a front row view, parked up with mainly portuguese families overlooking the harbour. 2018 started well and on the first of  january  we decided to move down the road to Figuirinha, known for its beautiful beach. We parked up with a couple of other campers taking up two bays as it wasnt long enough for us. It said we could park on the side nearest the boulders cliffs. At 12pm it wasnt that busy being a public holiday….. and then every local portuguese descended on the beach, the car park was rammed. We were blocked in the front, back and then the side when the Guardia (police) turned up. They then went on to tell us we couldn’t take up two bays or stay, which was funny as it had a sign saying autocaravannas (which he then told me its broken and missing the no parking). Not to argue or get a fine we moved to Corrios, a bit like the ghetto, graffiti apartment blocks on the urban edge of town.  It is free  and on the edge of a park, we only came here as we need the work done on our roof and its half an hour away. We arrived today for the guy to say he can fix it but, the guys who paint didn’t turn up to work as its New year, so maybe they are still hung over. So tomorrow we are hoping to get it fixed, as the quote is a bargain price at €150. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and then hopefully get some miles done down to the Algarve.