We have stayed put for the last two days just recharging our batteries, trying to avoid the crowds of the Algarve. Yesterday we wondered the metres to the beach, earthy mounds and cliff faces with pine trees along the shore. This morning we walked the three kilometres to the Intermarche, stopping to buy Oranges and Avocados from the street seller for €5 for a bag of each. Best juicy oranges all grown on the Algarve, we are definitely buying more before we go. Avocados 5 for €2.50 a bargain and they are huge, so should keep that healthy fat going for a while. I finally found a book exchange here in the office, reading off my phone and Ipad is not the same as a good old book. We have mainly stayed on Aires on our trip, but are now trying to source the cheap camping card whilst in spain, as ours has run out. We havent used it much over the last two months but hopefully it will cover us, if we need through Croatia and the Baltic. To travel around Europe I really believe it is best by motor home. It is cheap to find somewhere to stay, you have everything you need onboard, to eat in or out is cheaper. The drive is scenic most of the time and you can have all the home comforts of TV, WiFi, Fridge,freezer and shower whilst travelling. Washing is easy to do at the laundromats usually with detergent included, I learnt this after putting in a capsule for the first couple of times. Most places are dog friendly and everyone seems to have a folding bike (or electric). Motorhomes come in all sizes and shapes from massive RVs with pull out sides, to trucks, to little vans with pop up roofs. Jason is already scoping out what he wants next, as what a better way to see what you want, when it is like a showroom on site every time you pull up. The dogs love the walks and cuddling up on the settee and have settled into life on the road. Moving on tomorrow to Tavina and then heading to the border of Spain.