The sun is out in the Spanish border town of Castro Marim. Its lovely and warm and brightens up the whitewashed surrounding buildings. We arrived this morning and are parked up under the Castro Marim. The 13th century castle and 16th century Fort of Sao Sebastiao can be seen from miles before you reach the town. A short walk up from our park and you enter Castro Marim, cobbled and still with it beautiful chapel. Inside the chapel holds implements of torture and the stories of how they were used in the inquisition, a nasty way to die, lets put it that way. We walked up to the fort for views of the city and Castro, as well as the main church in front. Cactus line surrounding grasslands and you can see what we think is the Spanish border only 4km away. Yesterday we visited the town of Tavira, a pretty village with its Roman bridge and beautiful churches. Staying on the outskirts in what can be described as a campsite full of what seems permanent foreigners. No allocated parking and extension cords everywhere for power. People have got their spot and they block off possible parking spaces for others. The people running it don’t care, it was expensive for what it was, so we were glad to move on. Portugal has been nice, not as great as people had raved about. I think the west coast was more beautiful, maybe because its less populated and untouched. You can avoid toll roads in Portugal, which we thought was impossible on the Algarve but it turns out the national roads are just as good and usually faster or with less distance. We need to get a portable solar charger for charging the portable devices when we are not on power, so that is top of the list for entering Spain and heading to Seville tomorrow. Jason is out for a ride on his bike, whilst I chill in the motor home with the dogs. The stain glass window in the first pictures is one of the most stunning ive seen.