I’m getting cabin fever now, having been here for nearly 12 days. Im itching to hit the road again and venture to some new sites. I now know that I have the travel bug. Its great here but I cant wait for the time to come when we can move on up the country. This week has had its ups and downs. Last week ended with me falling in the on site shower, not the most glamorous of crashes and I was lucky I didn’t knock myself out. But someone didnt clean the shampoo or soap out of the base when they got out and the result was me crashing hard and fast on my right hip and both elbows. Funny enough its my right elbow that is worse off and Im beginning to feel like I have a small fracture due to the night pain. To start the week Monday morning welcomed both dogs vomiting through the motor home, no sooner did one stop the other started. George was the worst at 36 hours and ended with the regurgitation of a stick he ate 3 days before. He then ran off in the middle of the night in search of his famous i don’t poop without grass. This resulted in him dashing behind someones motorhome at 4am and me politely apologising in the morning to a Swedish and German couple as I cleaned it up. They were great about it, who knows what I looked like doing a sign language come demonstration dance to explain the goings on the night before.  Its crazy busy on the Costa del Sol, this motorhome park has 35 spaces and is full with a wait list. Daily at least 5-10 people pull up looking for a space and the phone calls also seem continuous. We hear that most of the Camper places are full including the hundred plus one in Malaga beach. It been interesting listening to the politics involved with camper parks and the struggles they have against campsites who are constantly trying to close them down as they see competition. It’s grossly unfair as a lot of campsites we have stayed in charge a lot and the standards are bad. For example the last campsite we stayed in the shower doors didnt close and forget about locks. Poorly maintained but charging the earth. where these local usually family run businesses of motorhome parks offer good facilities. They are more personable and are cheaper as you usually have everything you need in your motorhome so dont need, the pool, gym etc. Living in a 3 by 7 metre box it takes time to adapt to the smaller living conditions. Especially with 2 dogs and 2 adults, it’s a little hard if one of you wants to lie in bed whilst the other sits at the dinner table. It takes a bit of getting used to and one thing i do miss is a long soak in a hot shower. Everything now is a timed exercise otherwise i end up with cold water before ive conditioned my hair. The kitchen is also a juggling act, not enough bench space means planning and a balancing of dishes to get everything on the plate. Remembering to tie everything done as you drive is another. The routine is something of a military regime…. lock the fridge , pull the vents down, steps up, doors locked, dog barrier up, sat nav on, everything on charge. As I sit here I can here the local farmer bringing his herd of sheep up all wearing bells, even his horse has a bell…. this is a residential area so its weird to see his herd being shepherded back and forth every other day. Tomorrow we are off to the markets again after a bit of breakfast on the beach front for Valentines day. The sun is out in the costa del sol so its not hard to see why its so busy here at this time of year.