We are still here in Rincon de la Victoria, another week or so as we await our air suspension system to arrive from ebay. We decided to get this as our motor home has a little roll to and we think has been bumped to death on the Portuguese roads. Yesterday the couple two spaces down from us stopped for a chat about our E650, as they had one and had the suspension fitted years ago and they highly recommended it. We have found a mechanic who will fit it for €90 if Jas helps. So here we sit and wait soaking up the Spanish sun. It’s cheap to stay here at €70 a week with electric, you save on fuel and lpg. I got the bargains on meat at the supermarket and the local market has supplied us with so much fruit and veg.  I freshly squeezed orange juice this afternoon barely using any of our 5kg worth. The great outdoors here is fab, George and I headed out this morning leaving Jas and Zoey behind. Zoeys hurt her paw so can’t walk far, so that left me to tire out the hyper Welsh collie. As we were leaving we were overtaken by the 3 amigos I call them ( 3 Brit guys ) who were on electric bikes. It reminded me of the other day when I was overtaken by an older gentleman as i was out cycling. As he passed he yelled “electrico”, as he was on an electric bike, the fashion statement around here.

George and I set out, down the lane and onto the main road, the two local cafes packed with people triple parked in the car park a normal sight now. The peloton of local cyclists roared past, a mixture of lycra and thermal gear, also a regular sight. We made it onto the beach and I let George off the lead, the sand is corse and black and not that pretty to be honest. We walked till we hit the part that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach and continued on the walkway. Passing dogs, walkers, runners, cyclists and about 25 cafes that were yet to open. If you have met my dog George you will know he’s a reactive dog, usually barks at other dogs and pulls on the lead if he’s excited. He’s come a long way in the last month and we have got him now to the point he doesn’t bark at other dogs unless they bark first, more so he doesn’t even react now. We walked the 4km to town and then I decided a coffee on the beach was in order, stopping at a dog friendly cafe for an Americano coffee. The waitress fussed over George, him happily barking at her. She even looked after him as I went to the bathroom, embarrassingly all i could hear was him barking.  A high-five from George as we left , made her day and with an adios we were off. The 4km back was filled with the emerging flow of people out for brunch and their daily dose of exercise, electric bikes included. The warmth of the day heating up soon had me striping off my light jacket and George headed for the waves. He made my day today happy to be out and about. A coffee stop and 8km walk may be a daily occurrence in the next week…… soaking up the Spanish sun and tiring out my snoring collie