Yesterday we set off to Nerja about 40 minutes from El Rincon. After following the co- ordinates we arrived right on the beach behind a Tapas bar. The only problem was the spaces for motorhomes were tight as cars were parked diagonally opposite. So here came the 10 point turns till we squeezed in. A lovely spot metres from the beach we ventured up the hill towards the city centre. Nerja reminds me of a real tourist town, hundreds of clothing and souvenir shops. The beautiful thing about Nerja are the views of the Med especially from the Balcon de Europa (a stunning balcony overhanging the med). Last night we were settling into our wild camping when our fridge once again decided it didn’t want to work on gas. After a sleepless night of getting up to turn the fridge on and off. We decided today to put some 250 kilometres on the road, hopefully to get it fixed. We set off this morning after watching a couple of fisherman manually winch in their boat. Id describe it like one of those manual winch that you attach a horse to, that walks continuously in a circle. Guess that’s what you have to do when there is no boat ramp. The drive east today took us to Carboneras, just past the most south-east part of Spain. We are sat surrounded by what Jas describes as the wild wild west, up in a dry quite baron landscape and quite mountainous. Driving today mainly on the autovia was a mix of surreal surroundings. It started out with amazing avocado plantations on every spot of a hill that got the sun. Followed by the backdrop of mountains, some snow-capped in the distance towards Granada. Rolling rock faces, tunnels and aqueducts are still a plenty and the roads in Spain really are fantastic. Then we passed something I can only describe as Clingfilm (UK)/ Gladwrap(NZ) towns. These of course are the green houses that probably produce the vast majority of fresh produce in europe. It started out as a few on the side of the road, then grew into miles of plastic covered shanty towns all the way towards the beach. In one area it was all you could see apart from an apartment complex sticking up from the plastic. I guess if you took the scenic coastal road you would probably miss this but we are on a mission to get the fridge fixed. We can then head back to the wild camping, and depending on the weather we may even head back to Almeria. But for now we are at the mercy of our fridge…….. Though we are grateful to be back on the road and experiencing somewhere new.