Surrounded by the volcanic hills in a natural park we look out towards Carboneras. A seaside town with links to Laurence of Arabia. The 2km walk to town is hilly and the landscape quite baron, but in its own way very beautiful. Pictures can not do it justice, the carved out landscape a mixture of grasses and rock. The aire here is great, fresh eggs, olive oil, honey and olives, when in season and mostly produced here. Yesterday we walked to town and along the rocky and sandy beach. The dogs paddled in the water and the sound of the waves crashing on the huge pebble stones had a soothing musical effect. The weather here is still quite warm. We now have to bide our time to wade out the beast from the east storm, that will hit Europe in the next week. The plan is to slowly crawl up the east coast of Spain taking in as many small towns as we can till it passes and we can make it into France. Now we have our fridge fixed we are ready to go. Tomorrow Mojacar (Mohaka) just up the road for a couple of days and Vera after that. Wanderlust is the best way to describe us right now, itching to take in the wonders that Europe has to offer……………….