Its siesta time here in Castalla, 2-5pm the town is really quiet. We arrived yesterday after a night at Santa Polo beach. There were about 30 campers all parked up by the beach with nothing around but the blue-green waters and a quaint little church. Jason said don’t get the dogs wet so we headed to the beach to have a look. I let Zoey off her lead and she headed for the nearest shallow rock pool, or so she thought. In she jumped, the depth over her head and to her surprise she ended up fully submerged and clambering up on the rocks. By this stage I was in full hysterics at Jason saying don’t get them wet, and here was Zoey soaked like a drowned rat. That night we could see the planes flying into Alicante in the distance and the next day we headed 30km inland towards Castalla. As you drive into town, the towering Castle can be seen all around as its perched on the highest point in the area. We are currently parked up outside a sports centre with electric for €3 a night underneath the castle. The town is lovely with an old historic town, Ermita de la Sang (Hermitage of Holy Blood) built-in the 14th Century, town hall and castle. The land where the castle is was occupied in 2000 BC and during both the Iberian and Roman periods 2000 BC and 5000AD. The walk up the cobbled streets winds up to the castle and the views down are amazing and vast. I love that this town has a great history and even the doorways play to my fascination with doors and their funky door handles. Tomorrows market day so hoping for some local delicacies and fresh produce. The castle tour is on this weekend, so we will try to get there to learn more about the history of the area.