A change of plans and a few hours of driving later we arrived in Cartagena. We are staying at an awesome little aire on the edge of a Shell station. Across the road from a huge Eroski supermarket, that’s more like a mall, than a supermarket. It even has a radio station that broadcasts from there in the afternoon, and an Eco laundry. Cartagena is in the Murcia region and on the southern coast. It has a strong naval presence, including museums and ships in the port. It also has a lot of history including a roman theatre and bullring in the inner city. On our first day here we headed for town with the map from the Shell. Finding the shopping district we headed towards the port. It was blowing a gale but still a stunning sight. In port was this ship/ boat/ frigate thing that we stood staring at. Its large, silver and with three huge masts it looks half sci-fi. Near the edge of the wharf is a massive statue of a man sitting with his knees up and his head looking down called El Zulo by Victor Ochoa. It’s a tribute to victims of terrorism. Worth a visit as its so eye-catching. Towards town a huge wall surrounds parts of the inner city and not far lies the roman theatre. Its tucked in behind the modern-day streets and shops. Today we walked a slightly different way and stumbled across the Plaza de Torros ( the bull ring). It’s currently being renovated with scaffolding up, but looks down over the wharf. After three hours of walking the dogs through town and stopping for a piece of olive and anchovy pizza we headed back. Seeing the good deals at the Eroski we went to stock up. 70 % off if you buy 2, what a deal right. We are so stocked up it isn’t funny 12 rolls of kitchen towel, 48 toilet rolls, 2 lots of deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, 24 cans of Radler and 12 cerversas for Jas. And that’s not all of it, cheese, salami, pasta, soup, and crisps, salmon plus much more. Only thing that was wrong was that once again it was lost in translation, its only 70% off the second item. Still a bargain but we didn’t need all the stuff we got. Oh well we are laughing at the amount. We are stocked up for most of the year now, in toiletries anyway. Tomorrow we are heading to Torrevieja and the coastal route once again.