Leaving our free 48hr aire this morning we headed to Alcossebre another Spanish coastal town. The options are endless in Spain on places to pull up and park. Beach after beach, one palm tree after another. Everyone chasing the sun and warmth it brings. Yesterday was to be a laundry day followed by a 8km return walk to Castellon to see the sights. One step outside the motor home I rolled my ankle in the uneven paving stones that made up the park.  Having broken both my legs before I must admit I was a little worried.  Intense pain and the feeling of nausea almost brought me to tears. Frozen french fries later and my ankle taped up, we headed to the laundry. Me hobbling and Jas with the dogs, the 8km walk was out for sure. It’s a good thing I am a lower limb specialist, the only problem is I don’t always heed my own advise. From about 4pm I was in agony and nothing was killing the pain. Off Jas went on his bike to the pharmacy, google translate, a crepe bandage and some crazy strong anti inflamms later he was back. Great thing is in Spain you dont need a prescription for some seriously strong stuff. 25mg each you could easily think oh its just like ibuprofen and take 2 every 4 hrs. Good thing I translated the amount. Studying a paper in pharmacology has definitely paid off. We also unclogged our shower with some Macgyver skills using  cable ties and cutting up a plunger. Today we arrived in Alcossebre and the great thing about this place is it has a dog wash. The dogs smell lush, and George being George hates being wet, so he’s shaking every 5 mins. Jas has taken them out to dry them off whilst I rest up my foot for another day. Probably a week off getting to France, we better brush up on our french. We were saying its crazy how much we have learnt on the road. We have got our accommodation down to pretty much 5 nights free, so that’s leaves more money for eating out. Something we love to do. Jason has even become a strong coffee lover, enjoying the espresso style coffee found here in the cafes.