Its getting a little chilly here in Tortosa, the huge mountain backdrops were yesterday shrouded in a thick cloud. The evening wind was bitter and today revealed the snow-capped peaks that were hidden below. We left Vinaros and our free beach stop on friday as we decided we needed some culture. The beach in Vinaros was large boulders but not much else. The one good thing was a cheap fuel stop at under a £1 a litre, so we topped up, taking advantage of the cheap fuel. A recommended stop was Ulldecona and the 8000 year old cave paintings. After driving up this vertical mountaintop with vertical drops we reached the summit. Typical Craddocks law the tour and museum was shut, or on a tour so we got to see nothing but the walkways clinging to the cliff and into the caves. A change of plans and we headed to Tortosa, and boy was it worth it. A fab free aire on the edge of town. We walked along the river catching part of a reenactment of a battle of Tortosa, with an english boat in the water and spanish on the shoreline, all in period dress. We carried on into town but the heavens opened and we headed back for the night. Today was a chilly start but we headed back along the river, glancing over at the cathedral on the other side. Into the historic town and what an amazing city, castles, castle fortifications, panoramic views from the parador, ruins of arch ways and then there is the art nouveau buildings all in walking distance from our aire. We will probably stay three days, weather permitting due to the extreme cold further inland. Check out instagram or wanderlustcraddocks facebook page for so many more photos. If you are in Spain this place is worth a visit.