IMG_3529[1]Today we crossed over the border into France, the view of the Pyrenees even more closer. You wonder is it going to be snowing where we are going, no it’s so warm I feel I could get sunstroke. The drive here from Roses in Spain, was just over an hour and the drive interesting. Its like being in a surreal world crossing a border one minute every thing you are used to is there. The next massive malls, with outlet centres pop up. This time we actually went through what was an old border crossing, the old derelict booths still there. Then we ascended on this vertical narrow street up the mountain, packed on both sides with cars and crazy people opening there doors out into you. You can understand why they built the toll road, the poor trucks getting through there. All of a sudden we are on the national road and on our way to Trouillas. A free stop on an olive farm with the best views of the Pyrennes. A gourmet food shop is on site, and once again we bought some olive oil. We are loving the local produce. It easter this weekend and we are trying to plan where to go next in France.