As we left the farm on Monday starting the week off with fresh milk, ice cream and eggs. We got as far as the end of the road before we realised  that the sat nav wasnt working. I thought I had updated it the day before, but no maps were working. After a stressful hour and great help from the owners of the farm Mas Bes. Id reinstalled the maps and we were off once again. Heading to Girona you could see the snow-capped Pyrenees in the distance. Explaining the chilly start to the day. Arriving in Girona after a cheap fuel stop, filling 3/4 of a tank for €48, we headed into our parking spot right in town for the night. Parking right inside the town a minute from a massive park lined with beech like trees, that seemed never-ending. We walked to the old town a 10 min walk away. You cross the river over one of the many bridges. We walked through an archway that almost transports you back in time. All of a sudden you are in cobbled streets, stone walls and tons of history. We walked the streets until we were hungry, stopping at a funky cafe for takeaway pasta. Yesterday morning we walked over to the park to the weekly market buying oranges for less than €1 a bag, fresh ham, salami and veg for less than €10. We then set off to Figueres to get a new turbo filter as our 5th gear has been sluggish up hills, and we thought it maybe the problem. As  we drove along the Pyrennes get closer and the view even more spectacular. As we drove along the non toll road we pass a lady in a dirt drive way sitting on a chair, nothing else is around. We think ‘oh that’s weird’, we carry on and then there is another and another. The penny drops, prostitutes. We had heard about this but seeing it is something else. Then traffic comes to a standstill. The toll road we can also see is gridlocked. Bumper to bumper trucks, 4 mins from our destination and filter stop. After an hour we manage to get off and later hear it is one of the many protests in Catalonia. Across Catalonia, the regions flags fly, the yellow ribbons hang and the flags saying ‘Si’ hang from balconies. We had even seen a local government house yellow paint bombed in Girona. Catalonia is a beautiful place, we love the people, the landscape and of course the food. Tomorrow the cross over back into France