IMG_3657[1]IMG_3683[1]Today we had a little tiki tour as we call it in NZ. This consisted in us leaving the vineyard and heading to the village of Pezenas. Only to turn around as we couldn’t get into parking. We headed to Clement L’Herault to do washing only to find also no parking. After doing the funniest manuever over this tiny roundabout, which resulted in us backing over it 3 times and all the cars reversing to let us around, we headed to Gignac to see if the Intermarche had washing facilities. It didn’t, I headed into town to do it. Finally we decided to head to Saint Guilhem le Desert, described as one of the prettiest towns in France. Only to hit road works and a diversion. Nodding my head as the road works guy spoke no English but continued to tell me the way there in full french. We arrived at the free stop for the night. Heading to the gouge of the Herault river is absolutely beautiful. Walkways the full way along over the Pont du Diable (meaning devils bridge) constructed by monks in the 11th century is stunning over the gorge. We headed up to Saint Guilhem le Desert, 3km up along the gorge. We arrived to this beautiful town set up in the mountains, with flowing clear waters from streams and waterfalls. The stone housing and archways still intact. The spring flowers popping up everywhere, it was so worth the walk. The ancient drainage gullies still present today. The abbey was first established in 806. There is even a fresh fish farm as you leave the town, and you can see them swimming in the gorge below the bridge. It was worth the tiki tour to get here. If you come to France come here for the hiking and scenery is spectacular. Settled for the night after a brief thunder-storm we head off tomorrow in the direction of Montpellier. I will try to post photos tomorrow as the internet is having a moment in a thunderstorm.