The drive along to Aigues- Mortes yesterday reminded us of the Florida Keys, the lagoons on the side of the road, and even the road layout. We decided to stay at an aire just out of Aigues- Mortes, the view from there was salt flats and an ancient walled town in the distance. Just a two kilometre walk to town, passing pink flamingos in the salt ponds. You reach this massive walled town Aigues- Mortes. We have been to some big walled towns but this was huge and all the walls fully intact. We enjoyed our first gelato of the year under a massive square watching people as they passed. Today we moved on, the aire we stayed at was lovely, but the mosquitos where MASSIVE and I think they have an attraction to me. We have been looking at the time we have left before we have to return to the uk. We have decided to modify where we go, maybe leaving out a few countries to get us the best time in the countries we visit. Today we covered a little distance and are currently parked up at another vineyard that sells natural products from soaps, shampoos, wine and olive oil. I could spend a small fortune in the shop to be honest. We walked into town for coffee and got talking to the local police officers. One spoke no english, but as soon as we said we were Kiwis, the guy who loves rugby shook Jason’s hand and was so chatty. After George did his high fives to the praise of the female officer they directed us to the historic olive press of the town. We are currently parked in a field looking up at the Le Col du Telegraphe Chappe ( Chappy) at La fare- Les Oliviers. You can’t beat the view, the last week we have seen gorges, beautiful hilltop towns, lagoons and now Cols ( mountain range ) and fields with surrounding apple blossoms.