In search of the sun and away hopefully from the snow we headed north today. Surprisingly it was some of the most spectacular scenery we have ever seen. The alps in the distance still snow-capped, we headed up winding roads and through some narrow street villages. A few hairy moments meeting cars and trucks on hairpin bends, but overall the road was great. A flat road plateau emerged and fields of lavender surrounded us. The true sense of Provence and one of my favourite books, “A year in Provence”. The only down point was that the cold weather has delayed the bloom of the lavender and the purple that would be surrounded by the fields of green. We crossed a ridge and descended down to the beautiful village of Sainte- Croix -de -Verdon and the Lac Ste Croix below. Turquoise waters underneath this village spread as far as the eye can see into a massive lake. Truly stunning and in my eyes better than the med. We walked through the village and then decided to head to the other side of the lake half an hours drive away. The drive is so worth it, so many stops to take photos. We passed the village of Bauduen on the other side with boats moored in the outlet, the backdrop of the mountains, no photo does this justice. The gorge de Verdon is 25km away, but the opposite way we want to go, a must visit next time. Parked up just outside Les Salles de Verdon. The town set in the national park, with not as great a views of the lake, but fantastic ones of the mountains. I am glad we saw the other side too. France has some of the most beautiful scenery, especially its lakes and mountains. The more time I spend here, the more I fall in love with France. I could leave the cities behind and spend years discovering the tiny villages.