Yesterday we pulled up to a great stop for the night at Domaine- Saint Jean- Le- Vieux in the town of St- Maximin- la- Sainte- Baume. It’s a vineyard come wine cellar and has a steady flow of regular buyers at the cellars. We are parked out the back with another huge RV. They are a French couple, she speaks a little English. The guy looks like Meatloaf and is an ex professional drummer, and speaks absolutely no English. Later that day they invite us over to have a beer and give us a few pointers on where to go. All the time he’s doing hand signals, indicating great food. I think he likes his food. Their RV is massive double fridge/ freezer, washing machine, separate toilet and shower areas and a full dining suite and settee. The sides come out and it’s a lot like a touring bus, impressive to say the lest. Yesterday we ventured in to check out the town, a short ten minute walk to the Basilica and all the supermarkets. The town dates back to the middle ages and the tradition of Mary Magdalene having arrived in the Provence, she retired to a cave in Saint Baume mountain. Her companion Maximin is said to have buried her body in a village situated in a plain, the Basilica was built to house the tomb and relics of Saint Mary Magdalene. Last night we enjoyed a yummy pizza made fresh at the end of the car park. A pizza van pulls up daily and seems to do a good trade in the early evening. I popped into the cellar to buy a bottle of Le Grand Clos, a really nice red that im drinking whilst typing this. We have found these great stops, that im not sure why more people don’t use. They are usually free, no obligation to buy, but usually have super produce. All you need is to be self sufficient, they usually have water, but no dumping and this one has free electric. French passion is on our list for next year as it offers mores stops at Chateaus, it is well worth the €30.

Today is super windy and we are glad to not be driving anywhere. I got up and took the dogs out and into town for a walk. People are out nice and early and most of the shops are open sunday, unlike in Spain. We bought the dogs some spot on treatment( Advocate) OTC at the pharmacy yesterday, it was a bargain 6 for €51. In the UK, I have to pay £15 for a prescription and then i think it was £50-60 online. This was cheaper than Spain surprisingly. The ongoing costs you have to factor in with pets, but worth shopping around overseas. The big shock in France is the fuel prices since the new tax was added. Anywhere between €1.36-€1.56 we have seen diesel, its a shock after €1.03 in Spain.

We are looking at heading into Italy this week, but the weather is looking a little unpredictable, possibly snowing north, rain elsewhere. So we are going to take it one day at a time, to decide when to cross over. We would love to go north through the alps. We will probably have to head to the coast though, through Cannes, Nice and possibly Monaco. I’m looking forward to Italy, one of my favourite countries and hopefully will one of Jason’s soon too.