Today we arrived in Cuneo, a low emissions zone city. We are parked up in a free camper park with electric. At the end of the car park there is a panoramic lift up to the city and the view is amazing. This morning we left Diano Marina just out of Imperia. A great stop for three days to climatise ourselves to Italy. By day three I felt like I could easily live there. I even knew the local dog well. The town is dotted with these three wheel vehicles, like mini trucks that come up to your chest. Somehow I think Jas would struggle to get in it. After my eventful day before at the laundry which involved me having to call the owner on the phone. He spoke the smallest amount of English and trying to tell someone over the phone, the machine has all my change and I cant get the washing machine to work. 20 minutes later he arrived after sort of understanding my Italian, fixed me some change and sorted the machine out. A couple arrived half an hour later, they are Italian and from Alba. The gentleman got talking and he told me he worked for Ferrero Rocher for 42 years and had just retired. Recommending a few places for me to visit on our journey through the north. The journey this morning we had planned on going to Cuneo, but after talking to the guy at the reception he said the road we wanted to go on, recommended by our sat nav, didn’t exist on google maps. We decided to chance it, 2.5 hours later we arrived to fabulous Cuneo. The drive was a little nerve-wracking as we headed straight for the Alps and passed signs with snow chains till the 15th april (yesterday). The mountains covered in masses of snow and even in Cuneo we are surrounded in a semicircle of snow-covered mountains. It’s weird its so hot 19 degrees here and the snow isn’t that far away. The drive we followed a gorge and river most of the way. The water was a duck egg blue colour and the houses like swiss or austrian chalets. We climbed some serious heights and it was good to see our Hymer passed the test. Cuneo has an amazing layout, the streets straight, buildings impressive and Piazzas typical of Italy. Down almost every alley you can see snow-capped mountains in the distance. Tomorrows market day, supposed to be an event worth visiting. We cant wait to test out the food. Or pizza Jason says, its all hes talked about since getting here.