IMG_3895[1]We have been in Italy now for 6 days and it’s still my favourite place to be. Cuneo is definitely a place people should visit. At night in the eco park its a hive of activity. Walkers, runners and dog walkers travel the walkways along the flowing river, fresh clean water straight of the Alps. The park is a spectators dream. Kids training for triathlon and mountain biking. Two nights in a row we have watching kids speed skating and the local 6 aside football club has a pitch here. Swimming pools, squash and tennis what a fab place to be. Yesterday we went to the Tuesday market, the biggest market we have ever seen. Via Roma the main historical street and Piazza Galimberti, full with market stalls. Another inside market sells mainly fish, cheese and veg. What I love is that you pick your own stuff, place it in a brown paper bag and they weigh it. The older generation popping in for  a chat with friends, its such a social event. I thought food here would be expensive compared to Spain, but actually its pretty cheap. You can get a whole pizza for about €7, coffee is €1.30 a cup and gelato about €1.60 for two scoops. Jason finally got to taste real Italian pizza today, by the slice. You choose, tell them how big and you pay by weight, each slice usually in a square. Today we went to a little coffee shop off the main drag and I ordered a cappuccino and Americano for us. The girl didn’t speak any English, so I had to laugh when Jason went to order himself another cup. Next thing an espresso comes out, he hadn’t even said cappuccino just held up his finger to indicate one. The dogs are suffering a little in the heat and we thought we would try to get them into a groomers. My first words are “parla inglese”, to which i  mostly get “no”, then i point at Zoey and say “border collie” and indicate cutting, still a “no” and then full on Italian. I can manage most sentences, but some I just have to laugh and say “grazie mille”. So I bought dog cutting scissors from the pet store and have just trimmed up them both a little. Not bad but not my new vocation in life.  We are loving the weather here, 21 during the day 14 at night. Whats not to love here, the food is great, fresh tomatoes, olives , basil, salami and coffee. The language is romantic and fairly easy to say, even Jason said it sounds like the dolmino add-on tv.  Three wheeled vehicles and cycleways everywhere. And so far the scenery beautiful. Viva Italia