The 1st of May and another country to discover…. Slovenia. This one was on the bucket list and it has not disappointed. Last night we stayed in Staranzano another Italian camping club for free, electric was €2 for 6 hours if you needed it. Right next to a baseball pitch, the kids were out in their uniforms playing a game. A great place for the night ready to cross the border. Up nice and early we left at 7.30am for the border crossing. Straight through we got our Vignette at the border and we were off €15, for a week to use the motorways. First stop was Predjama castle, nestled into a rock face and built into the caves. Walking up to the entrance a guy was cooking a suckling pig on a spit, my mouth was watering it looked so good. Pity it wasnt ready for 3 hours. We then found out today was a public holiday. Everyone was arriving as we walked in. Impressive the shear size and locality of the castle. Setting into these caves that went up and down. The lower underground caves closed off at the moment. The view looking out was beautiful. Slovenia is full of colourful forests and green countryside. The drive to the castle took us down what I would call horse and cart roads, the sat navs idea of the fastest route. Leaving the castle we decided to head to Bled another 1.5hours on the motorway but on my bucket list. The roads here are awesome so far an easy drive. As we approached the lake it was packed and we feared that we wouldn’t get on the campsite. Lucky for us everyone was leaving the campsite after the holiday, leaving us the day to walk around the whole lake. Green waters with a church on an island, you can hire a boat and paddle over. Jas was keen me not so much, one I get motion sickness, two id be trying to stop the dogs going for a swim. You can only imagine how that would end up. Walking Lake Bled a castle perches up on top of the mountain, quite a hike up and under renovations we took in the views from the top and walked back down. The day overcast and rain & thunder forecast in the next couple of days. We might head for Ljubljana before it sets in to see the capital. Slovenia is definitely a secret gem of dynamic landscapes and colours. Another one to add to a travellers bucket list.