Friday we arrived in Verona, a city I had visited 21 years ago. All I could remember was that it’s a walled city, with cobbled stones and has Juliet’s balcony and gold breasted statue of Juliet ( from Romeo & Juliet). We were more than pleasantly surprised with how much history was here. We no sooner entered the historic town to see the impressive  Verona arena, a 1st century roman amphitheatre. We ventured off in the direction of Juliets house and the crowds amassed in her courtyard. Picture of the balcony and someone rubbing her gold breasted statue we headed off to an impressive Piazza ( Piazza dei Signori. A beautiful fountain and statues, but more impressive were the frescos still on the outside of some of the buildings. All though fading you could still see them. Over the roman bridge we headed for the roman theatre, not much to see, but the panoramic views of the city from above were worth the trip over. We headed to the Castelvecchio bridge, a walled castle/ bridge over the river. We stopped off for Arancini ( Italian rice balls) one with ragu and the other was prosciutto and mozzarella. A little dry but at least we can say we have tried them.  Verona is definitely a place that should be on people’s must see cities.

Venice was a place we wanted to see, but were unsure if we could take the dogs. We stayed at Camping Veneza a 5min bus trip from Piazalle Roma in Venice. We enquired if dogs could go on buses to make sure it was worth the stay. Bargain price of €3 each on the bus return. Dogs have to be muzzled and on a lead but they didn’t charge us for them. The poor dogs hated the muzzles so as soon as we were off the bus, they came off. I had said to Jas that we should get in early to avoid the crowds, we got there about 8.30am and boy was that good choice. We made our way to Piazza San Marco, the crowds fairly light at this stage. It’s a bit of a rabbits warren getting round Venice but worth it. We made our way to Doge’s Palace and the Grand canal, over the Rialto bridge and to Santa Maria della Salute. You could spend days seeing all the churches and architecture. The one thing i would have loved to buy is the glass works. In most shops hand blown glass works, colourful and creative. It wouldn’t last one day in the motor home. The crowds as we left at 12ish were heavy and to be honest, I don’t know how you would get a decent photo. Back to the bus stop and a protest by Sea Shepard and something to do with the amount of tourists that are visiting Venice. I can see why the numbers are insane, and to preserve Venice I think they should limit how many people go there on a daily basis. I would love to put loads of photos on here but if you look on Instagram (wanderlustcraddocks15) and Wanderlust  Craddocks on Facebook I have put on more photos. Please feel free to share and like the pages. Slovenia here we come.