Yesterday we crossed over into Croatia. The drive from Kocevje was the non toll road which meant it was mountainous, green and lush. Then we hit the border crossing between Slovenia and Croatia. The first true border crossing where it was manned by the army. We pulled up and indicated do we stop, to which the guy put his hand up and requested documents. After scanning them he pointed to another checkpoint 10 metres away and we repeated the process with the Croatian border police. Checking under trucks crossing back into Slovenia they let us carry on. The destination we were heading for was the island of Krk. Not far off the mainland we had to descend down the mountainous path we had climbed back up after the border crossing. We stopped at a lookout point and took photos of the lake and its surrounding greenery on the way down. Arriving at Krk its a €10 toll to get onto the island, and apparently free to leave, remind anyone of Wales. Arriving at our campsite its cheap at €17 a night for 3 rows back from the beach front. The reason we chose here was it has a dog beach,dog showers and we are 50 metres from both. The beach is rocky to say the least, but the water clear and calm. We settled in and set off for a swim. As we hit the dog beach we were thinking did we take a wrong turn as we hit the nudist area. I’m sure we passed the sign saying dog friendly area. This is not a nudist beach but people have decided this is the area to do it. Dogs and myself in the water, it was cool to start but surprisingly warm after you get under. There is nothing graceful about getting in as its rocky under foot and I practically fell in yesterday. My first swim in the Adriatic sea and it was awesome. Zoey, George and myself have now been in twice and the great thing is the nudist all pack up when we turn up. It’s either me in the water or the dogs running around and chasing the ball. We walked along the coast a bit today, not much here to see but beach, but its nice to chill and get in the ocean. Today we spent €10 on a bottle of Croatian Merlot, 2x 500ml lagers, a baguette and two sausage roll things.  We may head to the other end of the island tomorrow. Maybe try some local cuisine. So far Croatia is beautiful, we cant wait to see more.