This is our 5th day in Budapest and a rest day is in order. The heat has been extreme at 32 degrees, with intense humidity. The afternoons hitting well into the 30 degree mark up until 7pm. So you could say we havent experienced this since leaving NZ in 2014.

IMG_5013[1]This city is one that is worthy of at least 5 days of walking around even this morning I found the ALDI and walked past beautiful monuments and parks that we havent passed before. We are 4km out of the city centre and the 8km return trip plus extra walking, we are averaging about 13-15km a day.  Keeping us all fit, Zoeys crashed out now after yesterdays massive day. We bought a hop on hop off bus ticket for 24 hours which we bought as they allowed dogs on. Well worth it as it saved a lot of walking yesterday for the dogs in the heat. We started using it on the night tour the night before. A 2 hour trip around the city which was fantastic at a glimpse of what we wanted to see. Carrying on yesterday changing between the lines to see nearly all that was on our list. They are pretty good with the dogs on the buses, some want muzzles on, others are chilled and don’t worry. We are just glad we can take them.

Buda…. The castle side. We started on this side yesterday and climbed up to the top, it’s a stunning view from the palace over the river Danube and over to the houses of parliament. They actually look like a palace and apparently are two metres longer than Westminster, and third biggest parliament building in the world. We carried on walking over to the Fishermans Bastion and its beautiful church with mosaic roof. We met a lovely american couple who were on a tour of Europe and feel in love with the dogs. Naming George, Prince George and filming him to do high fives, they got loads of pats and water from strangers. The couple asked us if we were  an heir or heiress to be able to travel the way we do. We laughed and said no, just living the dream and that we are fortunate to do so. We caught the next bus to Margaret Island, an island up the Danube and walked through the park. A fountain shooting water in the air, in twists and turns to music. The kids were loving it. We then hopped on the ferry journey back into town which is a fab way to see the city.

Pest or as it should be said Pesht….. this side offers the fabulous St Stephens Basilica, the parliament buildings and so many squares and fantastic buildings. We decided to head for Karavan a street food stall area over town for lunch. Sitting in this trendy caravan stall area it was fab having burgers and relaxing before heading to Heroes Square. You wouldn’t know this was there as it’s quite out-of-town. An amazing square dominated by this huge pillar surrounded by statues of earlier heroes in history. Behind it sits a little island and the famous Hungarian baths Szechenyi Gyogyfurdo. The park was full of these party buses, beer kegs on a base with bicycle pedals attached so everyone has to pedal to get them to move. They were having so much fun, singing, drinking and trying to merge into traffic. They would stop get off take pictures & get back on. From here we headed back to town and got the bus back to our district Haller.

Still with three days here, I really want to do another couple of walking tours. The dogs have great and have been stealing the show. Every time we pass a restaurant the young & old usually ask can they pat them or take photos. We laughed about charging for photos and tricks, as at this rate we would be rich, it could fund our trip. Guess everyone loves a collie here. We have been keeping them well watered & with cooling bandanas, plus lots of shady stops. When we get home they lie on their cooling mats we have been putting in the freezer. They have done incredibly well with the walking and you can tell its hard in the heat for them. As far as cities go this must be on everyone’s bucket list. Its got everything, food, culture, history and so many beautiful things to see.