It’s so hot at the moment the daily temp averaging about 29-31 degrees. Which is good if you are not a dog. Poor George and Zoey our ice drinks usually tipped out on the pavement for them to lick up. My tan though is darkening by the day. We spent saturday and sunday about 4k from Heviz. We walked into the town and passed by the thermal lake. Having the dogs with us we decided to just have a look around and head back to the campsite. A busy little place and the lake was packed. Yesterday we decided to drive to Veszprem. The drive was an amazing ray of colour. Green cornfields next to light green wheat fields. Then wild red poppies filling field after field. Then a block of yellow flowers, I think are rapeseed. Who needs sunflowers or lavender. A beautiful city with the castle and historic centre on top of the hill. As we arrived all the churches started off ringing, not in chorus but almost like they were answering each other. One even played music, every hour on the hour. I walked up and took some pics whilst Jason decided on our stop for the night Szekesfehervar another hour on. We arrived hearing it had a nice little historic village. Parked up at an aire for €15, we had the place to ourselves. The bathrooms had us both laughing about how they did in fact date back to the communist times and look like they havent been updated since. What we thought was a village was in fact a bustling city. We walked a couple of kilometres into the centre past beautiful parks filled with rose bushes in full bloom. They seem to love Roses, Tescos and tooth implantoly centres here. Tescos are in every city and just like the UK.  We arrived at the old town , one of the most beautiful centres and pedestrianized places we have been to. The architecture and history is something else. It really was beautiful. Being so hot we stopped for ice slushies for, less than €1 each and on the way back another,  Jas got ice cream for less than a €1. In all it was less than €3 so very cheap. Today we packed up and headed to Budapest and the temp has hit 30 degrees. We are going to walk in to meet Jas’s cousin tonight for a beer, even though it’s still going to be that temp, hopefully the walk back will be cooler. Buda and Pest two different parts of the city and we are thinking 7 days here to take our time to get around. Hungary is definitely one of our favourite places. A bit of history, green spaces, great food and good prices.