Two free nights parked up in a street behind the info centre in Visegrad. Sitting below the castle and massive hill it sits upon. Yesterday we decided to get up early and head up the walking route to the castle. The walk started with a cobbled road past the remains of the Palace and lower towers. Then the real climb started 333 metres high 90% was vertical. Not only vertical but, a rocky non path. It was 9am in the morning and we were drenched in sweat weaving up through the forest. What is amazing about this path is that school groups walk up and we are talking small kids, bus loads every day. We arrived at the top and I went in to get the views of the Danube, the real highlight of the trip up. The winter/ summer bobsled course another 1000m down the road. Inside the castle the usual stuff but also a gold crown and chalice in all its glory, all security alarmed in a sealed clear case. Yesterday we walked over to the park and watched the show that the locals do for the kids. dressed in period costume on horses and using various weapons. They race up and down hitting their targets. Last night it rained for hours and we woke to a small torrent down the road. Our next stop by the river ruled out as we thought we might get stuck. We are about 25km from Gyor now on a site and on the way stumbled across Fort Monostor in Komarom. Its central Europe’s largest fort. Even though it was never used in a war it was occupied by the Soviets from 1945-1990 and held the largest supply of ammunition. It’s huge to walk around and we spent a couple of hours walking inside the inner and outer walls, downstairs jails and checking out the tanks and fire power. Overlooking the Danube it looks out to Slovakia on the other side. It was great and equalled the one we saw in Sagres Portugal.