Poznan stunning

3D mural Poznan
Yesterday we arrived in Poznan at the car park of the thermal baths. It is about 2km out-of-town, and in winter has a ski jump course that is in the backdrop. The walk into town had a few showers but we made it to the old town fairly dry. The old town square is simply one of the most stunning places in Poland. By now we have seen a few old towns. It has the huge and ornate town hall in the centre, surrounded by coloured buildings and on each corner a fountain or statue. That reminds me of Italy. The town hall apparently has a show at 12pm when two goats come out and buck horns. Its something that you are reminded of all over town, as there are murals and statues of bucking goats. There is also a 3D mural on the end of one of the buildings that is so cool, I will post up a picture of it.   We stopped for lunch which was really brunch. Filled rolls and a sweet treat, that Jas said they weighed. Like a cake/ bun it was topped with nuts and icing, but tasted of marzipan and cinnamon.always good to treat yourself to the local delicacies. We had parked in the car park at the thermal baths, and boy was that a busy place about a thousand parks and it was busy right up to 11pm when it closes. It’s a bargain for 2 zloty (€0.50) for a day. Which is 18 hours, but none of the signs say that. So we drove out and back in and stayed for the big €1 for the night. The machine is confusing and still told me i had 18 hours from when i paid.  We didnt want to risk it so made sure our 18 hours covered overnight.

Its been a big week of driving for Jas as we try to make it from one end of the country to the other. Wroclaw today was a very much stressful for him. Being over a 3.5 hour drive on mainly single lane roads. Followed by road works after road works and stuck behind a few tractors. We made it to Wroclaw only for the sat nav to have a hissy fit and we missed the turn off into the city. This then added an extra 20km and 15-20 minutes driving. We are parked up at a car park next to the Panorama of Raclawice. Walking into the old town takes 15 minutes. We went via the river and over to cathedral island. Worth a visit to hear the busking musicians. Crossing back we arrived in the old town. I think we are a little old town worn out now, as they all seem the same. In fact after Poznan almost disappointing. Wroclaw does have one really cool thing. Little statues of dwarfs apparently there are over 300, but in the tourist information there is a list of thirty on the map. A great way to spend the day especially if you are a kid, searching for this mini statues. I asked the lady at the tourist info how to pronounce Wroclaw. I still can’t say it and it sounds nothing like its written. One the way back tonight we stopped and got some street food. A place that just sells french fries. Sweet potato for me and regular for Jas. They all loved the dogs and next thing they are on another instagram page. If they aren’t on tour group pages, they are on shop ones. Next thing we will be setting up their own page, something like Collies on Tour. Tomorrow we head towards the national park and a bit of hiking over the weekend. Then a cool stopover that’s out of the ordinary, so watch this space…………

wroclaw and cathedral island