We spent two free nights parked up in the lovely UNESCO town of Telc. A car park down on the lakes edge and a 5 minute walk to the old town. The water so clear that the reflections mimic the buildings above it. We met a lovely couple Richard and Carol who are also touring around Europe. The second day we went for drinks in town with them and their cute dog Hector. It’s nice to run into other travellers and exchange information about where you have been. You always learn something useful or a new place to visit. Last night we stayed in a campsite in Jindris, the steam train passes up on the hill with different carriages day and night. We mainly stopped for washing and it was dry in under two hours in this extreme heat.

Jindrichuv Hradrec
Jindrichuv Hradrec
Today we travelled into Jindrichuv Hradrec and parked up on the edge of the centre. Another lakeside town its a lot like Telc except the castle is right on the lakes edge. The holy trinity sculpture the centre piece of the square. The Nezarecka gate, the only preserved gate, by the castle grounds. We stopped for breakfast and I sort of got toast. A sweet treat of apricot jam on warm bread with a sweet cheese and crumble topping. Washed down with espresso and a toasted coconut ball. On our way to our night stop, traffic was stopped as a wedding was taking place allowing the wedding party out. People lined the road and accordion players stood at the gate, streamers hanging from above. We moved onto our stop for the night. Another lake side park, its saturday and at least 200 people are here at the lake, it has sandy banks in parts. People are swimming, floating on lilos, paddleboards and rafts. You know its hot when George gets in to get sticks. Its something he hasn’t done up until yesterday. Zoey just sits there soaking up the water, fish swimming past her. Tomorrow we head to Cesky Krumlov to end our first week here in the Czech Republic.IMG_6366[1]IMG_6361[1]