Three days into the Czech Republic and we are parked up for free in Telc. Yesterday we travelled from our lovely lakeside aire to Novo Mesto nad Metuji. As it was early I went for a little walk around the castle grounds. Beautiful gardens with a fountain and a wooden walkway up to the castle itself. The other side of the castle comes out into the town and has two large bear carvings at the entrance. As it was early in the day we decided to travel on to Svitavy. Oskar Schindlers birth place. We parked at a lovely free aire with electric on the edge of a sports complex. Walking into town, you come to a central square and the main street. Like a lot of central europe, brightly coloured buildings line the main street. We headed back and went to a local restaurant for lunch in the park. We think our air suspension may have a leak or something is wrong with the return valve as its losing pressure slowly over the course of the day. Yesterday afternoon resulted in Jason checking everything over. Pumped back up hopefully it’s not a major, only time will tell. Today we drove to Brno and parked for free about 3km out-of-town. We walked up to the castle and then along to the main square, funky town hall with its carved sculptures above the archway. We entered the well named cabbage market, which had a full on fruit and veg market. The centre piece another beautifully carved statue and cobbled square. As it was lunchtime we decided to travel on to Telc, with the chance of another free spot by another lake in another town. We headed onto the motorway and hit probably one of the worst roads for a really long time. Busy and constant road works, as well as bumps pretty much all the way. As well as developing a squeak in we think the wheel bearing. About 30km from our destination, a beeping rattle developed in the dash. Jason was losing his mind and I was just as bad. About 10 mins from Telc we pulled over and put on the hand brake. On releasing, it went into a full mass of beeps. This ment it was this or the electric steps. Testing both, the steps must have come down a little in the bumpyness. Placed in the correct position we headed on, thank goodness in silence. Arriving lakeside, parked for free for the night. The dogs have had a swim to cool of in this heat 27 degrees, but it feels hotter. Tomorrow a wander around this cute little town in south-western Moravia.