IMG_6666[1]IMG_6684[1]IMG_6709[1]IMG_6721[1]Room with a view you say, well we have that. On top of Jested at just over 1000 metres. The views stretching out over Czech Republic, Germany and possibly Poland. We are in a car park for the night for a cheap 100Ck (€4). The pointed hotel at the top looking like a tv mast.The breeze something of a welcome distraction in the heat. Last night we stayed at a lake for free and it was so hot, still well into the 30’s. The night before we stayed at a cute aire called Rustic Camping, the view out over the paddocks and looking up to Trosky Castle. The sunset that night highlighting the peaks and ruins of the castle. Yesterday on our way to the lake we parked up and walked up to the ruins, Jas stayed outside with the dogs and I ascended up the stairs for the views down below. From here we travelled to Kost castle for a quick, photo stop and Valec a cute folk town with wooden houses with brown and white stripe patterns. All of this was in a short distance and summed up Bohemian paradise. Chalet style houses with flower boxes, hay bales laying in the newly cut fields. The sunflowers have been struggling in the heat and even they had their heads down instead of facing the sun. The Czech republic has been scenic, the only real downfall is the internet. Posting pictures has taken a while due to the lack of 2-4G in fact it’s mainly been E. I am not even sure what E is but its pretty much non existent. Tomorrow we head for Germany and country number 11. Even though I don’t speak German i am kind of looking forward to practising now, as a lot of countries dont speak English but they speak German as well as their native langauge. So I feel we know a bit already.