IMG_6748[1]IMG_6771[1]IMG_6790[1]It’s another scorcher here in beautiful Bautzen, Germany. Its our second day here at a lovely free aire on the edge of town. The services cost but the Aires are fab already. So much choice and well set out to visit the towns. We arrived into Germany yesterday after a quick food and fuel stop to use up the last of the Czech Krouna. We headed for the border, with a 3km stretch through Poland and then into Germany. It’s funny as soon as you hit the 3km stretch of Polish roads, brand new, like most of the other polish roads. Germany a patchwork of patches. The great thing though they were all level, just looks like a patchwork quilt. Today we walked into Bautzen, a picturesque medieval city on a river. It has its own leaning tower and town walls. Bautzen has over 1000 years of history, with 17 towers and bastions. Today was market day and the fresh produce was gorgeous. Stopping for lettuce and huge cherries we wandered the streets early on. The streets empty, as the shops open from 9.30-10am. You notice the price differences here from Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Beer, ice cream and fuel especially. We did smile at a lady drinking a stein at 9am, never to early ah. When we were at the market this morning I asked the guy do you speak english. To which he replied Polish, just when you think German is the second language to most others in central Europe. Tomorrow we are off to Dresden and another 35 degree day. We are hoping to stay 500 metres from the centre, so not a long walk in the heat. Our freezer is full of calipo ice blocks, the afternoon snack of choice. The great thing about the heat is you eat less and drink more. A great diet if you ask me, we all weigh a lot less than 10 months ago.