IMG_6911[1]IMG_6901[1]IMG_6915[1]IMG_6914[1]Sunday saw us arrive in the lovely town of Bad Lobenstein. A thermal bath was our aire for the night. €2.50 for the night and if you use the baths they take that price off. So at 8pm i went in for a swim and spa. All up €8 and a free concert thrown in too. We have been getting free power on most aires as well. The key is to check all the unoccupied ones and usually people have left paid power on them. The countryside here in Germany is stunning, but a little dry. The poor rivers are so low and the landscape brown. The green only really coming from the forestry. The tiny towns with their slate roof houses and batten sides are gorgeous. It definitely makes the drive interesting. Monday we travelled a little further into Bavaria to Bad Steben. Another aire at a thermal bath. This time a little more expensive and the internet in the area not so good. Thats why this blog is late. The town full of painted lions. Apparently a marketing ploy as the lion is the symbol of Bavaria. We stopped for a pretzel and took one of the smaller walking trails up into the forestry. The germans have it sorted. Nordic trails and hiking paths all easily marked and cycle paths that run from town to town. The other thing they have sorted is a cool little supermarket called Netto, its cheap but also takes recycling of glass bottles and plastic. I havent tried it yet but i think it gives you money back off your shop. We have become great fans off the Netto ice blocks 6 for €0.99, great for the freezer on a hot day. Free dog bags in a lot of places too, a lot like France. They seem to be very dog friendly here, which is great for us. The roads in germany seem to be getting a overhall, and loads are closed or diverted with a U sign. Much to the frustration of our driver. The temperature has dropped a little here but is due to climb later in the week. We are on our way to the burgs/ bergs…. Coburg, Bamburg and Wurzberg.