IMG_6959[1]IMG_6968[1]IMG_6934[1]Today we arrived in Coburg. All we knew was it had a castle. Up on the hill overlooking the town it stands. The old town was surprising and the main square reminds us of central europe. Colourful buildings, fountains and decorative designs. We decided to wander around and stumbled across the palace and the huge statue of Duke Ernest II bearing down on it from above. The park in which it sits leads up to the Veste Coburg (16th century castle), also know as the Franconian crown. Up through the forestry you arrive in this grand castle, that doesn’t disappoint. Walking the grounds alone is beautiful. The views span out and a small airfield can be seen and a tower out in the distance. We walked back down as Bambi bounced around in the bush next to us. Startled by another walker it hid behind a tree and only retreated back once it knew we were there too. Back in the old town, many gates allow you to enter. The Rathus or town hall is colourful, the statue of Prince Albert of Saxo-Coburg in the centre. This is Prince Albert who was married to Queen Victoria. And some of their descendants still live here today. Overall its a beautiful city and there is a free park 500 metres from the old town. Today I managed to find Jason a giant pretzel, he ate it before I could get a picture. The smell of giant sausages in small buns in the main square and the queue long. It must be a popular snack. I am sure we will be sampling a few of those before we leave.IMG_6935[1]IMG_6972[1]IMG_6970[1]