Yesterday we travelled to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Its been on the bucket list for 22 years since I met a couple from there. I was building roads at the time and met this couple who couldn’t sell me their city more. We finally made it, situated on the river it has many roman ruins, including thermal baths & a amphitheatre. The Porta Nigra roman gate still stands in all its glory at the end of pedestrian strip. A lot of the old town is spread out. We stumbled upon the impressive Electoral Palace and its gold finishings. Trier cathedral  was in a lovely square away from the crowds. There is a lot of reference to Karl Marx. The famous economist, philsopher and historian. This includes statues, museums, exhibitions and colourful gnome like things. I love street art and there was some nice pieces down the cycle path from the aire. Also a beautiful Abbey. St Matthias Abbey situates over the bridge. I stood in the courtyard admiring the Abbey on my way to the lidl to buy wine.  The abbey is worth a visit and dates back to the 12th century. I don’t know what i expected from Trier but it lacked that wow factor for me. Today we set off along the Mosel river. We had heard so many good things about this, it did not disappoint. So far almost 50km of vineyards up the steep banks of the hills, overlooking the Mosel. Quaint little villages, dot along the edges. Cyclists everywhere, the backdrop the vineyards. The Mosel, green, and calm. It is simply breathtaking. As I sit here drinking Mosel wine out of a plastic cup. My only wine glass met a sad demise yesterday, as Georges tail knocked it off the table. The Mosel situated in front, riverboats harbouring past occasionally. We are 2.5km walk from Bernkastel -Kues, a cute village that has a real cool vibe. Some of the buildings are wonky ( they are meant to be like that), the Rathus town hall decorative. A lot of the buildings have vines hanging from the windows and doorways or window baskets of flowers. Beer gardens and cafes are packed. It’s a very cool town to visit. Cobblestone streets leading up to the vineyards above. A castle in the distance and the centre piece the Mosel. Jason suggested we go here and I am glad he did. Tomorrow we will continue on the journey of the Mosel towards Koblenz.