IMG_7107[1]Friday we arrived at Erwin Hymerworld in Wertheim. All you can see from the motorway is the sign for it. It was huge, so if you missed the turn off you would have to be blind. Beside it is the biggest outlet retail park we have seen, in fact I think its bigger than the one we went to in the states. Parked up for free, I went in to buy a foldable bucket as ours had sprung more than one leak. Motorhomes on display, hundreds turning up during the day either to stay or buy stuff from the outdoors shop. Not just hymers but all types of motorhomes, campers and caravans. It’s amazing how many motorhomes are on the road in Germany, its like being in the Algarve all over again. Parked up another hymer parks next to us. Jason gets out to say hello as they have GB plates. It only turns out Grant and Joya are kiwis from Takapuna. Later that night we sit round chatting over some drinks. The next morning we all get up and chat again for hours, the guys off checking out the new motorhomes. A very cool couple who are so chilled, as most kiwis are. Living the dream and travelling, its great to run into other wanderlust kiwis. Next thing plans change and now we hope to head to the Düsseldorf motorhome show, next weekend. The biggest motorhome show in Europe, I am sure it will be an eye opener.

Today is a chill day. Parked up at a stellplatz in Kirchberg, not to far from tomorrows destination Trier. A day to take stock, do the accounts and plan the last couple of weeks back to the UK. Yesterday we stayed in Gensingen arriving at 5pm, just parked up and chilled. The road works yesterday making an hour and a half drive over 2 hours. Stopping at Globus a huge supermarket, or should I say complex as i went into the garden centre first, then the mall to find the huge supermarket. Nothings open Sunday and when you need water and bread, it pays to stock up. The germans have it sorted so many places to stay, for free or really cheap usually with free dumping, cheap electric and water. The stellplatz are either in beautiful locations or close to cities, so they are easy to visit. I also love their bottle recycling. I saved €2.50 off my shop at the bottle exchange the other day. We usually recycle anyway but its nice to get a kickback. Trier tomorrow, the oldest town in Germany. Then along the Mosel river up towards Koblenz and onto Düsseldorf.