Yesterday we made our way to Wachtendonk, a little town next to Wankum. Sorry im trying to keep a straight face writing this. A cute little aire costing €7 a night + electric. The town preparing for a Jazz festival this weekend and a USA car and bike show a few towns away. Wachtendonk a maze of cobbled streets and older buildings, but beautifully clean and quiet. We walked the town circuit in about 15 minutes. It was like a ghost town, no one around in any of the shops or driving down the street. The only thing open was this fab bakery with delicious bread rolls and pan raisin swirls.  Later on I decided to find a supermarket, I set off four times. Each time heading in a different direction, only to get lost. Finally on my fourth attempt I found the Edeka, good thing I dont mind walking . Last night the rain came, hard and heavy for a few hours. I guess you shouldnt wish things to fast. Today we headed to Venlo, in the Netherlands. Parked up at a marina aire. Overlooking the canals below, it’s fairly quiet. Its got a cold breeze as the weather changes to rain showers. The washing done for another week. It’s now sorting out the final expensive weeks, as the bills start to come in for the motor home. Insurance renewal £500, Road tax £255, then the vet, vehicle service, dreaded MOT and other odd bits and bobs. The Netherlands isn’t that big so we plan on doing 10 days around here, visiting a few places on the list. Amsterdam for Jason and windmills maybe in Kinderdijk for me. Heading towards Eindhoven, then Amsterdam for Monday…IMG_7300[1]