IMG_7632[1]Its our second day here in Le Cateau in France. We are parked up at a free aire on the edge of town with free electric. Yesterday we arrived after a heartfelt day. We went to the vet for the dogs annual vaccinations in Bergues. On the way back I went off to the Lidl and Jas took the dogs back to the van. As he arrived back at the aire someones little dog ran out and the rubbish truck ran over it. Understandably Jason was upset as he saw it take its last breath. The poor owner wrapping it up and putting it in his van. Jason went over to see if he was ok, but he didn’t speak any English, they were from Bosnia. Not wanting to stay around as it was such a sad reminder we headed off to Le Cateau. Parked up with a bunch of French and English vans, we are sharing the power with a lovely English couple next to us. Today we walked into town and there is a market and carnival on. I love the French stands, garlic and onions plaited and hanging in bunches. Everything on display and for sale. Rabbits, chooks and even goats. The surprise of the day was a miniature pig on a lead being walked by its owner. Nothing much surprises me these days. It was hard to see the town as everything was covered in market stalls. Tomorrow is a religious festival and we are unsure if we stick around another day or head south. The weather is cooler and we think our good fortune in weather maybe coming to an end. I definitely need to buy a sweater.  So many places to see, that its hard know which to direction to go. A different direction in France and we still shouldnt cross anywhere we have been. The joy of Europe always somewhere new to see. Loving the fresh baguette and cheese. Something the french do so well……….