Reim Cathedral
Yesterday we did a two-hour drive to Reims. The weather drizzly and very windy, we thought it was a good time to do some distance. We arrived in Reims and the sat nav missed the turn off, so around the city we drove. Thank goodness it was Sunday and quiet, so made for a little less stressful driving. Arriving at the aire, a barrier arm prevented us from entering and the phone number didn’t work. I jumped out and in my best pigeon french said ” excuse me , do you speak english?” the lovely guy replied no and then I did my hand language along with “camping car”. He then showed me his palm and on it was written the code. Off i ran back to the van, punching it in the keypad. An italian van pulled up behind and i also let them in. Waving them through, we parked up next to each other. After lunch we headed in, a 10 min walk to the cathedral. It’s absolutely huge and with so many carvings decorating every roof tip and view-point. The walk around the old town was nice and quiet, all the shops closed. We arrived back at the motor home to see a few others leaving. The wind had picked up. Our new italian neighbour came out and pointed to a huge branch that had fallen down over the camper next to him. No wonder they left, hopefully with not much damage. That was enough for us we packed up and drove a half hour to another aire in St Imogen. A flat, clean aire with about 8 others. Safer than under huge trees. The dogs ran off in the long grass and only when they returned we spotted a huge tick on Zoey. Hours later we had pulled about 10 off her and about 3 off George. This reminded me I needed to get them tick treatment today. What a difference a day makes. Waking up to beautiful sunshine we drove to nearby Epernay in search of fresh baguette and tick treatment. Queuing in the local patisserieĀ for croissants and baguettes, the gorgeous selection of eclairs, tarts and pastries gleaming back at me from over the counter. We decided to walk through the town, whilst we were there. Epernay the capital of Champagne. We walked up Avenue du Champagne. A cobbled street where all the champagne caves (cellars) are. Moet holding a huge area of buildings, gold lettering on the gate and a statue of Dom Perignon outside. No wonder it’s not cheap. Passing a shop the bottles in the window as big as 30 litres. We decided we will buy one once we win the euromillions. Champagne everywhere you go, it wasnt till we left the town we saw all the vineyards. 3 pharmacies later i found some Advantix for the dogs and we were off. Another two hour drive today we arrived at a french passion stop on the edge of Les Riceys. Pulling through the town was bit of a laugh. We forgot how narrow french villages are, a van reversing so we could both squeeze through. We havent been to town yet as we arrived late this afternoon. Walnut trees dropping their windfalls outside, Jason went and got me a few. We saw people collecting windfalls in Le Cateau a couple of days ago. We now know what they were collecting. By the way the walnuts are great, I am yet to try the champagne. I am going to go for a tasting tomorrow. It could be an expensive week…….