IMG_8077[1]IMG_8068[1]IMG_8058[1]IMG_8069[1]IMG_8064[1]Still on the Italian Riviera, lies the beautiful town of Lavagna. We drove here yesterday morning after a stressful drive. We had decided to stay 10km down the road at a sports field from Cello Ligure. But the sat nav had a moment and decided a 2.5 metre low bridge was ok. We are 2.99 metres high, so luckily we could squeeze down the one way street out. Sunday the roads are quieter, but the cyclists are out in their thousands. Its like the tour de Italia in every town, hill and seaside resort. The good thing is they tend to ride single file, not bunched. We decided to head through to Lavagna a two-hour drive non toll. The drive and roads not to bad till you hit Genova. Absolutely huge, traffic everywhere and im sure deviations of the main drag due to the bridge collapse months ago. We missed the turn off in the centre and ended up with the sat nav telling us we had a weight limit to go over a bridge. Hoping it would recalculate, we spent the next 45 mins driving around the side roads of Genova. Finally arriving in Lavagna, a free car park 50 metres from the promenade and beach below. The road and train lines run in between us, so it’s a little noisy. About 15 other motorhomes here for the day and a few at night, its free outside of 15 Jun- 15 Sept. So not a bad stop. Yesterday being a sunday the beach was full of locals. Sunbathing, swimming a real family day out. The town was quiet, so we took advantage and visited the Basilica Pontifica di Santo Stefano and amazing cemetery. The cemetery has these huge stunning sculptures, like family crypts up on the hill. It dates back to the eleventh century. The Basilica with its cobbled, mosaic square. Set above the Porticato Brignardello, (archways and balconies). Today we went to the beach, no one else on it, a stark contrast to yesterday. The dogs swimming, and people standing on the promenade above watching them. A lovely town, I even got the laundry done at the laundromat. Jas we think has hurt his back, so is taking it easy before we head off  towards Cinque Terre tomorrow.