IMG_8049[1]IMG_8041[1]IMG_8027[1]IMG_8040[1]Perched up high above Celle Ligure, we are parked up for two days. The view below is outstandingly beautiful. The Italian Riviera a mixture of turquoise and green waters. The water so clear you can see your feet and the fish. The temperature here is 25 degrees and the italians are flocking to the beach for a swim. The water is beautifully warm, today I took off my shoes for a paddle whist the dogs swam. Zoey as ever not wanting to get out. The beach more smooth pebble than sand, like Nice really. We arrived here yesterday after a hectic drive, italian style. We opted for the toll route for most of the way as, its very narrow, curvy and through the mountains. We opted again to get off the tolls just before Savona. The tolls here are definitely worth it, most of the journey here costing only €4.30. Savona was another story, so busy and traffic gridlock around every roundabout. Scooters honking, cars parked everywhere. We just wanted to get to our park for the night. Up a winding narrow road we arrived at a car park where you can stay for 15 days. We are staying just 2 days to save some money, not putting fuel in as it’s over €1.52 a litre. Accommodation in the form of sostas (aires ) are hard to come by, even though we have just stayed for free for a the last week. Cello Ligure, is a lovely seaside town. To get to it we have to walk down a vertical road onto a footpath between apartment blocks, below the A10 motorway. Yesterday we passed a dead snake, obviously been hit by a car. We climbed down into the square below. The local bar has a group of gentleman sitting outside drinking and playing cards. We past the local fruit shop, the fruit amazing I bought mandarins and tomatoes today.  For a change today we walked along the front the opposite way to yesterday. Along the coast road the views down over the cliffs and water below, so refreshing and inviting. On the way back we stopped for Pizza ( Naples style) our favourite.  The lady didn’t speak any english, so perfect for me practising my Italian.  “Vorrei napoletana pizza, per favore” (id like a napoletana pizza please), she then said no pizza, pasta? I said no grazie ( no thanks) and left. She chased me and said miscommunication pizza ok. I had to laugh, i think the chef didnt want to make it. A bargain at €7 and delicious. The carpark is now getting full as the football stadium here on the hillside gets busy with youngsters. Tomorrow we will move 10km down the road to another free park for the night, before heading towards the Cinque Terre during the week.